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Interval Training for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight, more specifically fat?

Do you feel paralyzed after failing time and time again to lose those extra pounds?

Don’t you just get mad when you do a ton of exercise and you really don't lose any weight at all?

You may try and fool yourself that it’s ok but every time you look in the mirror, it doesn't lie. Are you finding it harder and harder to be motivated because you are starting to feel a little hopeless?

Well If I can show you a way to lose all your fat in weeks, are you willing to spend no more than 20 minutes three times a week achieving this? What would it mean to you if you could walk around in your costume and feel fantastic about it?

By the time you finish reading this article, you will know how to consistently lose 2 pounds of pure fat every week so you can actually fit into those fantastic clothes you just bought. You are about to discover a type of exercise that causes a chain reaction in your body to burn fat…a LOT of fat, for hours...…but first let’s talk about what doesn’t work.

For years, we've been told low-intensity aerobic exercise is the best method for burning off our extra body fat. Research also indicates that the lower the intensity of the exercise the more percentage of fat is used as fuel for muscles, so in low intensity aerobic activity the body operates in a ‘fat burning’ zone which burns more fat than at higher intensity.

Unfortunately according to modern research, this just doesn't seem to work very well. In fact tens of experiments have all concluded that aerobic exercise does nothing for large scale fat loss. So unfortunately, like you, there are thousands of people trying desperately to lose weight by doing some work on the treadmill or something similar. And for the most part, all of these people are not going to lose any fat. (If you want some proof go look at a local fun run, these people are fit but are they shape you want to be?)Not too many benefits for all that work… So what to do?

Well, there is an exercise routine that apart from speedy fat loss has a multitude of benefits which include:

  • Losing at least two pounds per week and I am being conservative with this figure…

  • Getting a toned, athletic look - don’t just lose weight, mould your body into a shape that will be turning heads;

  • Tons and tons of energy - Imagine having energy for a full exciting life, you will have more energy than you know what to do with;

  • Super fitness - having a lot more cardio endurance and fitness than the guy who spend two hours on the treadmill each day;

  • Chase away disease - this exercise does wonders for lowering blood pressure and staving type 2 diabetes away; and

  • Automatically as you body loses weight, you will become aware of extra energy and vitality

How would you like it if you had dozens of people desperate to find out your weight loss super secret while they still were failing? Get used to it, it will happen a lot.And think now what will you do with that new toned body, take it to the beach, buy new clothes or shake it on the dance floor.Ok, enough trying to motivate you, the secret to this wonderful metamorphosis is a type of interval training called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Study after study has proven the incredible fat burning effects that HIIT can have on the body, in fact in the first bit of research that set interval training as the benchmark for fat loss; the participants lost 9 times as much fat as those doing standard aerobic exercises.It works so well because of a process called EPOC

EPOC occurs in the body after intense exercise drains muscles of their inbuilt energy source. This has to be replenished in the body, and it can take up to 48 hours to happen. During this time your body has no alternative but to draw and burn up your fat reserves. So for the next two days while you sit at work, watch TV or have that peaceful nap, your blood cells are rushing around that belly or those thighs, grabbing as much of the fat as it can and taking it away to use it as energy, without you having to do much...And EPOC is only the immediate benefit; over time your body’s ability to convert energy directly into the muscle increases. The muscles ability to store energy increases so your demands for fat release go up, and interval training starts convincing the body to funnel new energy to the muscles instead of sending them to your fat stores. All of this increases the more you do interval training, so as you can see the better you get at this, the more of afat burning machine your body turns into.

Does this sound too good to be true?

I hope it does. I hope that today you have found something so big that it turns your entire life around. I hope that your success in finally losing those pounds motivates and encourages you to all sorts of success in your life. Great catalysts have an enormous power for making dramatic change. Clearly once you have lost that weight; your lifestyle will change in ways you can only imagine. But you must choose to act now because you don’t want to find yourself in the same place in a year from now.

Earlier on I asked you the question:"If I could show you a way to lose all your fat in weeks, are you willing to spend no more than 20 minutes three times a week achieving this?….", since you are still reading I'm going to assume you answered yes. Well, now that I have shown you how interval training can deliver on that promise, it’s time for you to act on this. You have finally found the only thing that truly works, an exercise routine that really will lose your fat. So get motivated, get organised and give interval training a good go, stop dreaming of that flat stomach and actually get one. Imagine…in as little as a few weeks being totally fat free, fit and healthy … all because you decided to say "YES" to trying Interval Training today:

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