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What Clients Say

Abbie's knowledge and understanding of health, fitness and people has helped me to regain my fitness and lose over a stone in weight, in twelve weeks. I have not been on a diet, but the simple advice Abbie has given me about food, combined with my tailored and varied exercise programme means I have gone from bursting out of my size 14 clothes to fitting comfortably into my new size 12s. Emails between sessions have helped with motivation at low points. We are a great team.


I have only been training with Abbie for just over a month but am already beginning to see results. Abbie is extremely attentive throughout the workout helping me to get the most customised program I can get, not just a “canned” approach. No two workouts are ever the same.

She gets me motivated even when I don’t feel like working out and most of all makes working out fun. She is really dedicated to her profession and extremely passionate about helping people get fit which I find is very inspiring.

She has great energy and that has been helping me get results and hang in there even through the most challenging workout. I am glad I found Abbie and look forward to working with her in the months ahead.


Just want to give you some feedback about our training. I think the workouts we have been doing are very effective. I've noticed my legs are much more sculpted, shaped and defined. My stomach is flatter and today I managed to fit into my size 32" jeans. I tried them on a year ago and there was no way I could wear them. I deliberately kept them as I planned to slim down and it was a goal of mine to wear them again and now this has been met so I am really pleased. So please let's continue with the leg shaping exercises, core work and upper body development. Good work coach!


My wife and I had become very unfit and as we were both approaching retirement, we were worried about the onset of those age related illnesses that impact mobility. But after training with Abbie we really noticed the difference improving not just our weight and fitness but also our diet and posture. Abbie plans each session to take you that little bit further and even one hour a week makes a difference. Her home visits are so convenient and fun we really look forward to our fitness workouts.

Steve & Marie

I have tried so many diets that nothing seems to have worked so I decided to try a personal trainer to see if any results could come from it. When I first started 6weeks ago it was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I really struggled. Abbie planned my sessions and also pushed me to see what I could do. Guess I surprised myself! Now after much name calling and diet advice I am much fitter in myself and half a stone lighter. I'm loosing the weight slowly but surely and feeling more motivated and a happier person in myself. Each session is a struggle but by Abbie pushing me and me trying to be determined results are starting to show! It does seem to be working but you got to believe in yourself!


Abbie is just was I was looking for – an intelligent and knowledgeable trainer whose approach is based on praise and encouragement rather than shouted criticism, but she’ll still stretch you beyond what you thought you were capable of. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Abbie is a high energy personal trainer who can successfully motivate you and get results.

I've been training with Abbie for over 7 months and I'm feeling and looking good. Abbie always is doing her research and suggesting new approaches to help achieve my fitness goals. She is also very flexible and is fully focused on the task at hand which for me is about achieving those all important goals of fitting into my old clothes, or looking more toned or being able to run for longer. Abbie knows when to push me and has been very supportive in my attempt to give up smoking. Abbie isn't an ordinary personal trainer - she is a total personal trainer - I can't recommend her highly enough.


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